Hypnosis for healing the inner child and PTSD

Inner child hypnosis for healing trauma and PTSD is a therapeutic process involving hypnotic induction. I do not make you relive your trauma. You focus on your present and a better future without trauma and PTSD. During hypnosis, even though your conscious mind is more awake than ever, you enter a state of deep relaxation. You are in control during the whole process. I will help you access your subconscious mind. Trauma imprinted itself in this part of your brain and changed your neuropathways. With your permission, we will create new neuropathways using robust techniques and suggestions to heal the inner child, strengthen a positive attitude and motivate the effective action needed to succeed.

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Mindfulness based stress & anxiety reduction (MBSAR)

As a person who experienced trauma, daily mindfulness practice is a must in order to replenish your body, mind & soul.

“Mindfulness is a way of viewing the world around you from a conscious and non-judgmental lens. Furthermore, it encompasses the ability to experience the present using all of our senses. The best way to practice and benefit from mindfulness is through an awakened mind, body and spirit. Being awakened isn’t something that’s reserved for only a few spiritual gurus. Therefore, we all can have an awakened mind with the right guidance. Given these points, adopting this practice allows you to better cope with day-to-day challenges, leads to better decision-making, and reduces stress and anxiety.” 

Here are 10 surprising benefits of mindfulness guided coaching sessions;

1-Increase your intuition (help balance & clean your chakras energies fields)

2-Turned you into a narcissist’s worse nightmare (promote self-care, self-love and self-confidence)

3-Enhance your relationship satisfactory

4-Increase your clarity (better focus)

5-Better decision making

6-Helps you connect to your spiritual path and spiritual ability

7-Less emotional reactivity (decreased emotional overload)

8-Manifest better and faster with the Law of attraction

9-Improve stress management (deal well with uncertainty)

10-Significantly decrease anxiety and mood swing symptoms

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