About Mary-Noah

My name is Mary-Noah; I am a traumas survivor, an intuitive empath, a school teacher and a mindfulness coach certified in hypnosis for healing inner child traumas

I am no stranger to misfortune. Like many of us, my journey to self-actualization started with a traumatic, life-changing event that turned my world upside down. It was the darkest time of my life. I was overwhelmed and drowning inside. It was one trauma too many.

It started with an unprivileged childhood. I am a survivor of the 1988 genocide in Burundi and the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. As a result, I came to my adoptive country of Canada as a refugee. My traumatic past and negative beliefs led me into eight years of abusive relationship and marriage. After graduation, I dared to leave my narcissistic husband. I thought that everything would be all right for my daughter at last and me. I was wrong; I experimented with a hostile workplace that created so much stress, anxiety, and poor decision-making. The lack of setting boundaries and the fear of not pleasing my overdemanding administration resulted in losing my daughter at a young age, followed by an automobile accident.

This tragedy was my breaking point. I had enough. A part of me died with my daughter the day she left. I have shed more tears than I can bottle. However, I found strength in my desire to honour her life and fulfil the promises of a better life.

I needed to heal from grief, depression and my unstoppable suicide thoughts. I started my journey with different traditional, shallow, time and money-consuming therapies until I came across an article in my research about hypnosis for healing the inner child. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was getting into hypnosis to heal my traumas. After only one session, my depression, anger and suicidal thought were gone. It was the beginning of a life journey without PTSD.

I became passionate about spirituality, mindfulness & meditation practice, neuroscience, neuropsychology, and hypnotherapy.
My new beliefs and mindfulness practice allowed me to pick myself up from rock bottom and stand tall. My tribulations are the foundation of who I am and the foundations on which I am building my future.

Today, the scars of my traumas are there to remind me how far I have come. Along with my bachelor's of education, I became a mindfulness coach certified in hypnosis for healing inner child traumas. I am now dedicated to helping women find a non-traditional way to recover from their misfortune. My coaching approach is unique and interactive. I challenge my clients with five simple steps to help them get through their adversity, manifest a purposeful life, and stand tall.

  • About the services

    My coaching and therapy approach is holistically tailored to empath;highly sensitive persons on their spiritual awakening journey. Depending on your needs, I will collaborate with you to adopt the best practice according to your situation. Either you choose hypnotherapy for faster and sustainable results, mindfulness stress and anxiety therapy or you need life coaching sessions that will empower you with problem-solving skills, we will do this together.

  • Mission

    To educate and empower empaths and highly sensitive people to gain the clarity they need to manifest a more fulfilling life that aligns with their beliefs and values.

  • Vission

    To create an online and offline safe space for empaths and highly sensitive persons as they navigate the meanders of the spiritual awakening journey.

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Email: marynoah@marynoah.com
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