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Maybe this is your first time seeking help for your persistent symptoms. Perhaps at this point, you have tried so much to get better at managing your PTSD and are ready to throw the towel on therapy. Whether it is your first step into this journey or a veteran in investing in yourself, welcome on my website. No matter where you are on your journey, I understand, as I was once in your shoes.
I experienced many unsuccessful traditional therapy sessions on managing my unfulfilled, lonely and depressing adult life. I was ready to accept that maybe what was wrong with me and what I lost couldn't be fixed. I considered being just medicated so I could have a little rest from my negative feelings. I didn't have one authentic friend to talk to, I had a distant relationship with my family members, and my romantic life was nonexistent. I was attracting the narcissistic and emotionally unavailable type. To add to my misery came to add the grief of my daughter, who left too soon.
My PTSD got worse, reacting on steroids, a figure of speech. No therapy could have gotten me out of my suicidal thoughts. However, a little still voice inside me told me that maybe I didn't try it all. There must be a better solution out there. I came across an article about hypnosis for healing inner child trauma in one of my late-night google research. When I can't sleep, I google my symptoms. Can you relate? One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was getting into hypnosis to heal my traumas. After only one session, my depression, grief's anger and suicidal thought were gone. I couldn't believe it as the pain of losing my daughter was so cruciating. I felt like I deserved that suffering and blamed myself for her death. But the therapy made me see things from another angle. After that, I had a hypnosis to heal my inner child traumas, and it was the beginning of a life journey without PTSD.
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What is the inner child, and what are the signs of a wounded inner child?

The Inner child is a concept present in all of us. The child is forever in our subconscious mind and runs a good part of our adulthood behaviours. Depending on which psychology research you read, it can be up to 80% of your adults' habits based on childhood events. Knowing this justifies why it is crucial to correlate your current issues and your childhood.
Early in life, you emerged as intelligent, joyful, curious, emotionally sensitive and ready to take on the world. You were also a very vulnerable being. You picked up on cores values and beliefs from your family and social programming.
Most grown-ups didn't have a happy and innocent childhood. A child who has been traumatized, neglected by emotionally unavailable parents, abandoned or abused in any way suffers greatly. That child will develop a damaged sense of self and strategies to survive awful situations. They are locked in the past, protecting themself ever in full alert, ever responding and reacting from within the hurt child system.
When carried into adulthood, the coping mechanism created by the child will interfere with the realization of your goals and dreams and ruin your chance of living a successful lifestyle.
Some symptoms of the wounded inner child.
-You won't leave a relationship, even if it is abusive
-Your deep fear of abandonment or being cheated on
-You believe there's something deeply wrong with you
-You have a hard time keeping your commitment or trusting people
-You have anxiety going out of your comfort zone. You won't try new things.
-You don't have a strong sense of identity.
-You want to please people. You want them to like you and not be disappointed in you.
-You find yourself in the middle of many conflicts
-You have a hard time letting go of things, emotions, people even when it doesn't serve you in any way.
-You feel inadequate as a woman or man
-You consistently criticized yourself for your supposed inadequacy
-you have a hard time accepting a simple compliment
-you're unforgiving of yourself, rigid and a perfectionist
-You avoid people and call yourself an introvert
-You may call yourself an empath or highly sensitive person
-You believe you are misunderstood and a misfit
-You have a high level of stress and social anxiety
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“ I want to thank you very much for the classes you gave me. It was a privilege to have our private sessions in person. It helped me get back into meditating and mindfulness. Thank you so much for reminding me about not only taking some deep breaths but also breathing with Intent. It has helped me in the past. I took a spiritual course ten years ago that served me well as I was struggling. Taking your class reminded me of the importance of living in the moment! “

Jeannette Chamberland


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